The below photo depicts one of the earliest full trips down the Mangorewa River, after Bill Ross and Rob Worlledge did the first exploratory trip from higher up from the eastern side.  Roy Tallon and a friend of Bill's (Ian) pose by their shuttle on the Lampriere Farm off Te Matai Rd. This farm gave access in below the main springs and just before the main 3-4m waterfall.
 Mangorewa 1977
The first KCC Motu Trip took place in 1977.  The photo below shows Bill Ross' broken glass kayak just below the slot.  There were 2 rafts on the trip - the first one got jammed in the slot, the second was right behind and also got jammed with Bill right behind that!  Bill went under the rafts where he and his kayak got stuck.  Fortunately his kayak broke in half and released him - some advantage then in glass boats.  Roy Tallon is seen paddling upstream in the background.
 Motu 1977-5
Bottom waterfall on the Wairoa (below)... backwards. Paddler is unknown (at least no one owning up)... possibly Mark Breingan.
Wairoa bottom waterfall-2
Whirinaki trip in 1983 (below) - From the left, George Judge, Kerry & Bev Smith, their boys and an unknown adventurer.  Joined by Roy and Bill, they carried their kayaks up the track to above the gorge paddled down to their campsite by the river below Minginui.
Whirinaki 1983-1
With the next generation of paddlers coming along Bill Ross joined the Tallon, Clark and Pilbrow families to tour the south island paddling as they went.
South Island-1