Grade: IV

Mangakarengorengo is a tributary to the Wairoa River and a darn good one.  Only really paddled in flood conditions it delivers a solid IV - IV+ depending on the water level.  It's one of the most classic flood runs in the Kaimais and a favourite of many.

All the bigger rapids can all be scouted / walked if need be.  As with any river its helpful to know whats coming up.  If you're running it for the first time we suggest hopping on with a local.  If the rivers really high watch out for the take out on the left bank above McLarens Falls.  There's 500m of continuous class IV before the river plummets over McLarens.  You'll see the McLarens Falls road bridge a ways off so make sure you get out as this is a burly drop in flood and not one you'd want to swim. 

 Mangakorengorengo 2
     First move on the 'Manga'