Super stoked to enjoy another Labour weekend down the ridiculously good Motu River.  It's a trip that should be on every boaters bucket list... if not for the adrenalin then for the sheer beauty.

Following the usual routine, we set off from Tauranga Saturday morning to pick up our shuttle drivers in Opotiki.  An hour and a half later our team of 13 were in the headwaters of the river, stuffing our boats with [most of] the essentials for the three day / 90km adventure ahead of us.  Most significant omission being the marshmallows... no wait, the tea bags.  Hmmm... next year will be better organised.

The river wasn't high by any means, but we'd run it lower a bunch of times so werent complaining.  With the sun blazing overhead and the warm / clear water I was excited about what was set to be another stunning wilderness trip.

Our first day was typically cruisy and we pulled into camp around 4pm.  Avon, Don and Cam came prepared to hunt and gather so stayed back to venture up a couple of tributaries in search of deer...  Between them they spotted a total of 19!!!  Unfortunately the excitement was too much as they didnt manage to bring any back with them.

Days two and three added a dose of carnage with my denting the nose of my boat and a handful of swims for Mary and Tomo - i'd say we were all 'unlucky' ;-)

Gourmet cooking over the open fire each night served us well.  Head wind on the last day made the take out a bit of an endurance event with the last people off the water around 5pm.  By the time we'd downed Opotiki's finest Fish & Chips it was a late arrival home.  More than content, the Motu had delivered again!  Thanks to all for a great trip.