Colourful kayaks, wonderful women donned in cumbersome paddling gear wearing big smiles and sparkling eyes, anticipating antics of the day ahead.

Friendly chatter and stories shared, making new friends, carrying kayaks from blue pool, up the river we were led.

With sounds of rushing water, bubbling and tumbling, women of all ages and paddling stages gathered together.

Strokes we were honing, water was freezing, ferry gliding, eddying, and lots of gratitude for sunny weather!

With seasoned paddlers there was safety felt, instructions, assurance, the first rapid and also the trickiest up ahead,

Anticipation, hesitation, and an option to join some in walking this instead.

Adrenaline pumping, second guessing, thoughts of walking, or maybe involuntary swimming, with excitement too,

The decision made to take the plunge, to swim or to paddle, it was now or never, and down we flew!

With dry mouth and heart beating, focus replaced adrenalin, rushing white water, the time was definitely nigh!

Up and down, waves and troughs, exhilaration and enjoyment all rolled into one big high!

The rest of day was fun after fun, chatter and banter, bubbling rapids, beautiful bush, right back to the car door

This beginner paddler, met grade two water, challenged, satisfied, and left wanting adventures, more!


Thank you to the experienced women kayakers who were inspirational and encouraging, and for all your tips and teaching moments on the river :) Even though only a grade 2 river, I definitely had some moments of adrenalin, especially before the first rapid!  Looking forward to our next adventure!!