River Safety Courses

Learn to be safe on the water.  KCC will support a limited number of active club members each year to attend a White Water NZ approved river safety course. These courses teach basic skills for recovering swimmers and gear, dealing with typical kayaking injuries, entrapments, abseiling and rope skills. You can learn more about the courses on the White Water NZ website, www.rivers.org.nz

River Safety Courses

Rescue Footage

On Saturday the 2 November 2013 James Bradley, Pete Henderon, Carl Ross, Mark Shackleton, Justin Gale, Mark Hardingham and Simon Morse were going for an afternoon paddle down the Lyn in Devon UK. In one of the drops Mark Hardingham is pushed offline and becomes 'vertically pinned' with his body trapped and his head held underwater by the current! This GoPro clip shows the reactions of his friends who pull him out of this sticky situation just in time. This video is a great reminder for us all of the unpredictable nature of whitewater and the importance of always paddling with good friends and carrying safety gear. Video by Barny Young



Kayak Roll




Expediciones Chile Kayak Roll Identifier & Troubleshooter


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